PURINA: Your Pet, Our Passion

UPDATE: To our Valued Pet Owners: We apologise for any difficulty you may have been experiencing getting your hands on your pet’s favourite foods recently. Unfortunately, like many companies, we are experiencing significant delays due to global supply challenges, and we are working as best we can to limit this impact on you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of Vet Nurses for FREE advice on 0800 738 847 or AskPurina@nz.nestle.com who can help recommend some alternatives. We are grateful for your loyalty and are always here to help.


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  • Savory Centers

    Delight her with the best of both worlds.
    Combining a smooth and tender paté on the outside with a rich gravy surprise in the middle,
    FANCY FEAST Savory Centers has the ultimate dual texture experience to delight
    your cat in a whole new way.

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  • Petit Cuisine

    A range of exquisite recipes created in small portions,
    for your cat to enjoy all at once, any time of the day.

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  • Classic Broths

    Introducing Classic Broths. Made with real recognisable ingredients
    in a range of silky savoury broth flavours designed to delight.
    Click below to find out more about our range.

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    An irresistibly smooth and creamy
    treat your cat will love

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